Industries Trussless Roof

We have been dealing in the export, manufacture, supply and wholesale of Industrial Trussless Roofs. The offered trussless roofs are versatile systems, which have eliminated the need for structural supports in the roofing system. Our offered trussless roofs are widely used in the industrial and commercial units. The supplied trussless roofs have high tensile strength and durability. Our manufactured trussless roofs are known for longer functional life.Our supplied trustless roofs are crafted from a non-flamable cloth, which has high tensile strength and balance. The synthetic trustless roofs are upkeep free products.Trusses, Purlins or every other type of ancillary… None of those required to have Mercury Roof established. Mercury Roof stands on it’s personal up to 33 meter-spans, hence presenting economic system in both, time and strength.


  • No supporting structure required
  • Reduces overall construction costs
  • Able to withstand natural calamities

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 5000 Square Feet
Dimensions (LxW)mm 60feet*100feet
Features Water Proof, Tamper Proof, Corrosion Resistant, Durable Coating
Manufacturing Technique Cold Rolled, Hot Rolled, Clear Glass
Material Steel / Stainless Steel, Aluminum
Surface Treatment Coated, Color Coated